FuzionFi: The New Era in Financial Forecasting and Planning Automation

Strengthen Your FP&A Team While Saving Time and Money With FuzionFi

Meet FuzionFi, your Excel-based automation technology solution for faster, easier, and better financial forecasting and planning.

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FuzionFi is making headlines across the most prestigious media networks. Our innovative approach to financial forecasting and planning has been featured on leading platforms, showcasing our expertise and thought leadership in the industry. From in-depth articles on NBC to insightful contributions on FOX, our presence spans across a diverse array of top-tier networks, underlining our commitment to excellence and the impact of our solutions.

The All-Inclusive and Powerful FuzionFi Toolbox

Achieve superior control, insight, and peak performance.

Custom Toolbar

Efficiency at Your Command

The Custom ToolBar in FuzionFi empowers you to tailor your interface to your unique workflow preferences. Quickly access crucial functions, optimize your processes, and boost productivity in a familiar Excel setting.

Integrated Cost and Profit Centers and Product Lines

Error-free Inputs and Updates

FuzionFi takes cost and profit centers out of your current system, so you don't have to do manual updates and inputs that take a lot of time and often go wrong.  FuzionFi also makes sure that updates or new data are correct and stops problems from happening because of wrong values.

Database Add-in Tool

Redefining Data Handling

With the Database Add-in Tool, you can efficiently manage large datasets. This feature makes it easier to integrate external data into Excel, streamlining data handling and reducing manual input errors.

Automated Key Driver Distribution

Analytical Precision Through Intelligent Automation

Improve your forecasting by allocating critical financial drivers automatically. With this feature, you can be certain that your financial models will be consistently applied in an accurate manner, allowing for more precise analysis and projections.

Sandbox Forecasting

Creative Scenario Exploration

Playing around with freeform forecasting won't break formulas, links, or template structure. Simply add the new information over the old. The highlighted changes show where the template ends and your experiment begins, so you don't need an outside tool or spend hours entering data by hand.

Departmental Cost Re-Allocation

Strategic Resource Optimization

This feature improves the effectiveness of your resource allocation. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness in managing funds, it allows for the real-time redistribution of expenses across different divisions.

Forecast and Budget Consolidations

Integrating Forecast Data Effortlessly

FuzionFi automates the time-consuming and costly process of combining department or product line forecast data.

It generates consolidated regional or territory department reports for on-the-fly budget reviews after you enter your cost or profit centers or product lines, allowing your C-Suite team to finalize the business strategy and budget in record time.
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Custom Process Creation and Automation

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs

Understanding that not every business comes with a pre-defined process ready for automation, FuzionFi excels in creating custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Our team specializes in identifying, designing, and implementing bespoke processes that align seamlessly with your company’s structure, ensuring a perfect fit. Once we've crafted your custom process, we leverage the advanced capabilities of FuzionFi to automate it, transforming your operations to maximize savings, enhance productivity, and boost overall performance.

Beyond the initial implementation, our commitment to your success continues with ongoing support and strategies for continuous improvement. With FuzionFi, experience a revolutionary partnership that takes your financial forecasting and planning to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Meet Your Mentor

Bryan Austin, the creator of FuzionFi

Bryan Austin a seasoned Finance professional, strategist, innovator, and business executive.

With over 25 years of experience, he’s helped major companies such as the Walt Disney Studios, PwC, First American, and many others improve and grow their business with unprecedented efficiency.

I gathered all my knowledge and created FuzionFi, a complete FP&A solution that will help you and your company improve your processes, plan more accurately, and make the best possible decisions.

Get to know the opinion of professionals who have already been helped by Bryan:

Robert Lay
Division CFO - First American
He trained our entire team, improved the process, and shortened our entire reporting cycle. He also incorporated  BI tools that opened our eyes to gaps in our business reporting and planning processes. He is a standout professional. Many other division Leaders took notice and are now incorporating what he taught everyone into their monthly reporting and planning cycles.
John Peters
Lead, Media & Entertainment Practice - West at Accenture
I have genuine admiration for his raw intellect, personal drive, and interpersonal skills. What's great is that when we encountered issues, he still had the tenacity and vision to pull it all together. Bryan was an exceptional director and an outstanding asset to my team. He is both smart and a problem solver. He is the best in his field.
Jacinta Moore
CFO - Outform Group, Inc.
Bryan is a dynamic professional who brings a substantial value to any project. His ability to transform very complex financial problems into simple processes helped to improve client communication and cash flow. He led the design and developed automated reporting and a client-facing key metrics dashboard. Overall, Bryan's leadership, process automation abilities, and deep FP&A background brought substantial value to the company, and I would definitely utilize his services again.

FuzionFi Is the Key to Unlocking Your FP&A Team’s Full Potential

FuzionFi brings a whole new and more efficient experience to the game.

Take a closer look and discover how you can use FuzionFi, the most efficient financial planning and forecasting tool available, to empower your work and boost your company's results.


Automated Financial Forecasting

FuzionFi transforms an organization's forecasting process into an automated forecasting engine that allows the team to continue using Excel instead of buying a full forecasting platform that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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Enhance Workflow Efficiency

FuzionFi provides a customizable tool that increases efficiency through automation, eliminates costly human errors, and shortens delivery times for work products.
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Hire “Virtual Financial Analysts”

FuzionFi integrates seamlessly into any business and works like a virtual assistant. It is like hiring a new financial analyst for your team, but without having to go through the hiring and training processes.
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Easy to Consolidate and Analyze

Consolidating forecasts across multiple departments is easy with FuzionFi's consolidation feature. Consolidate a single department in seconds, not hours or days.
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Customize It Your Way

FuzionFi provides a customizable tool that increases efficiency through automation, eliminates costly human errors, and shortens delivery times for work products.
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Consolidate and Conquer

Since FuzionFi is a customizable solution to the existing forecasting process, there is no need to change existing ways of working. This means minimal training and a shorter learning curve to start using the new tools.
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Your business cannot afford to waste time or money.

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Consolidate Data and Improve Your Efficiency

Make FP&A easier, safer, and faster by retaining the flexibility of spreadsheets and adding visualizations, integrations, collaboration and automatizations to free you from boring and repetitive tasks.
Time Wasting

Human errors
can cause you A LOT of financial problems

Human errors cost companies billions of dollars each year.

All that money goes down the drain, never to be seen again.

One wrong entry in a financial spreadsheet can have a significant impact on your business.

Maybe your company also loses a lot of money because of these human errors, but FuzionFi is the answer to this dreadful problem.

Analyze, plan, report, consolidate, automate your
workflow and save a lot of time and money with FuzionFi.

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